Oh, the Things You Can Do With... an Elastic Bandage

Oh, the Things You Can Do With... an Elastic Bandage
11 April 2020

Here is some information to help you build customer first aid knowledge. We find educating customers helps increase sales and profits. Feel free to share this information with your customers.

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Check it out – one product many uses

Every first aid kit and program should have elastic bandages and/or wraps on hand. Just look at how many ways they can be used:

  • Help support an injured or strained joint or muscle
  • Help support a joint when it might be under stress
  • Compression helps to reduce swelling
  • Wrap around a splint to hold it in place
  • Hold a cold or hot pack in place
  • Secure a large wound pad or eye pad in place

NorMed offer a large assortment of Elastic Bandages. We recommend the HART Health brands for their quality and economy. Here’s a little breakdown of each HART Elastic Bandage for your comparison.

Cohere Wrap

A self-adhering wrap that clings to itself (not the skin) for less slippage and great compression. Comes individually wrapped, 1” is 2 per package. Compare to Coban for a great value. Available in tan or blue. CLICK HERE TO ORDER


Individually wrapped, ACE style elastic bandage that offers support and compression. It is washable and comes with 2 clips. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Dynawrap Plus

An advancement on the typical ACE style elastic bandage this version has Velcro strips at both ends eliminating
the need for uncomfortable clips or safety pins. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Please contact us at 800-234-4278 for questions or information about HART Health products.