Wrist Support, WristPro II, HARTFLEX, black

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WristPro II, HARTFLEX, duo-tension elastic, black

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HARTFLEX Wrist Supports

The growing awareness of ergonomics and how it affects the workplace has prompted the development of the HARTFLEX Wrist Supports, economical alternatives for reducing costly expenses related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrist related injuries. These supports are designed to promote healing and encourage proper wrist posture while providing firm support. Velcro closures provide a full range of adjustments and ease of application.


WristPro II

Jobs that place a great deal of stress on the wrists through repetitive movement or vibration may benefit from the preventative support of WristPro II.

  • 4" wide tension strap with flexible wrist stay provides extra strength and moderate support to reduce the potential for injury
  • May allow use around machinery or with electrical tools because there are no rigid metal stays

*To Determine Size: Measure around the smallest part of the wrist.

Please Note: Supports may reduce the potential for injury and aid in healing but are not guaranteed to do so. These products do not enhance one's physical abilities. Use only under the care and direction of an occupational health professional.

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