Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract required for service?

No, there are no written contracts required to start on-site first aid service.

Do we have to return our stations to our current supplier?
No, you own the cabinets and all the contents inside. HART Health simply picks up service from where your current supply situation left off.
In which cities or areas is on-site van service available?
Service is available in both the greater metro areas of Seattle, Portland, and Denver with some exceptions to outlying regions.
Is there a minimum order amount?
There is a minimum order amount of $60. However, if your kit usage is low, we set up complimentary inspection visits and based on usage findings, change your service cycle to reflect your re-stocking needs.
Where can I order HART products for home or recreational use?
Anyone can order our trusted HART products at our website:
Does HART Health charge any service, cleaning, kit inspection or delivery fees?
HART Health does not charge any service, cleaning, kit inspection or delivery fees. At this time we are not charging a fuel surcharge.
How does my HART Health service rep determine what goes into my station?
Our non-commission based sales & service reps strictly adhere to the stock levels you set up through our unique inventory control system. We simply replace items that have been used or have expired to return your kits to your pre-determined stock levels.
How often will my first aid stations get serviced?
Our convenient and flexible service schedule is determined by your company´┐Żs usage which can vary throughout the year depending on your business. Typical service cycles are bi-monthly, monthly, every other month, and quarterly.
What does full disclosure OTC medicine labeling mean?
Some first aid products only give partial disclosures, referring you to the original box for all warnings and ingredients. However, every HART Health product provides the end-user with all the information on each individual packet.
How do I begin on-site first aid service through HART Health?
Simply dial 1-800-234-HART(4278) and our friendly HART Health reps will handle the rest.