Body Fluid Clean-up Kit, zip bag

Item Number: 7710
0.2083 lb

Body Fluid Clean-up Kit, HART, in zip bag

Case Qty: 24

HART Body Fluid Clean-up Kit

HART Body Fluid Clean-up Kit is designed for protection against exposure to HIV, Hepatitis and other bloodborne pathogens in body fluid spills. Quickly and safely remove contaminates and prevent the spread of infectious materials.

  • Personal protection for bloodborne pathogens
  • Instructions in English and Spanish
Qty Item # Description
1 7727 Gloves, latex, pair
1 6166 Antimicrobial wipes
1 7777 Biohazard bag, 10 gallon
1 n/a Twist tie
1 n/a Zip bag, 7" x 8"
2 n/a MSDS information
1 n/a Instructions, English/Spanish
1 n/a Scoop and scraper
1 n/a Towel, absorbent, 10" x 10", disposable
1 7797 Red-Z®powder, .75 ounce






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