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HART Proprinal - Ibuprofen pain reliever

Unit Dose Medications

Pain Reliever

PROPRINAL® Our most popular pain reliever in an easy-to-swallow smooth coated tablet. Also effective for back pain and muscle aches.

CETAFEN® Acetaminophen, a non-aspirin pain reliever, in a specially formulated tablet for fast effective relief from pain.

CETAFEN EXTRA® Maximum strength dose of Acetaminophen pain reliever in an easy-to-swallow coated caplet.

EXAPRIN® Multi-ingredient formula which provides fast relief from pain. Contains three proven pain relievers for enhanced effectiveness.

FEM-PRIN Menstrual relief medication to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with PMS.

BACKPRIN® Multi-ingredient formula for the relief of pack pain and muscular strains. Helps reduce inflammation, calm muscle spasms, and relax back tension.

ASPIRIN The pain reliever proven trustworthy over decades of use. Effectively eases pain and inflammation.

Relief-PE group

Cough & Cold Relief

RELIEF-PE® Multi-ingredient cold formula for multi-symptom cold or flu relief. (DEA license required)

CETAFEN COLD® Special non-drowsy formula containing a non-aspirin pain reliever combined with a nasal decongestant.

CETAFEN® COUGH & COLD Multi-ingredient cough, cold, and flu relief.

SUDO-TAB® PE Effective relief of nasal and sinus congestion without drowsiness.

THERASTAT® Menthol eucalyptus or cherry cough lozenges for soothing relief from coughs and sore throat pain.

THORACOL® Honey lemon flavor cough lozenges have menthol for cough and sore throat relief.


HART HistaprinAllergy Relief

HISTAPRIN Allergy and hay fever relief with the same main ingredient as Benadryl® at a substantial savings.



HART NutraloxAntacid

NUTRALOX® A tasty mint flavored, chewable, sugar-free, sodium-free antacid for the temporary relief of heartburn and indigestion.


Heat Stress Relief

ELECTROTAB® Effective heat stress relief and electrolyte replacement tablets. Aids in the prevention of heat fatigue and muscle cramps.



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