Proprinal Softgels In Stock

PROPRINAL Softgels Faster Acting & Easy to Swallow

HART has new PROPRINAL Softgel capsules in stock! The small, easy to swallow, faster acting softgel active ingredient is 200 mg of Solubilized Ibuprofen. Compare to Advil Liqui-Gels. Avalible in our convenient dispenser boxes order #5696 for 40/2's (80 total capsules), #5697 for 100/2's (200 total capsules), #5698 for 200/2's (400 total capsules), #5699 for 300/2's (600 total capsules)

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HART Non-Ahere Pads


New! HART Non-Adhere Pads

Non-Adhere Pads are essential for every first aid kit or cabinet. HART Non-Adhere Pads are thicker and more absorbent for longer lasting wound coverage. Sterile and non-stick, our pads come in two sizes 2" x 3" and 3" x 4", and 3 box counts - 10, 25, 100.

Bleed Kit #0726

New HART Bleed Kits

Lives are saved when appropriate bleed control products are available. HART has produced grab & go response kits for major trauma injuries that are cost effective and proven sales generators. Tor order: Large Bleed Control Kit #0726, Small Bleed Control Kit #0715

New HART Eye Pads 50 Count Box

HART is now manufacturing our own brand of Eye Pads for use in kits, stations, nurse stations, etc. The new HART Eye Pads are thicker and more absorbent than others in the first aid industry. Order #2323

HART Eye Pads 50 count box #2323

HART Instant Hand Sanitizer

It's Time to Stock Up on Instant Hand Sanitizer

Fall brings the action indoors along with viruses. Stock plenty of HART Instant Hand Sanitizer for your customers to keep up with demand. Order #2615 for the 8 oz pump bottle, #5399 for the 25 packet count box