Electrotab Electrolyte Replacement

Electrotab is formulated to effectively reduce heat stress and replace electrolytes. It aids in the prevention of heat fatigue and muscle cramps. Available in our convenient dispenser boxes order #5611 for 50/2’s (100 total tablets), #5614 for 125/2’s (250 total tablets).

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Sqwincher QwikSTIK

Sqwincher Fast Pack


Sqwincher Electrolyte Replacement

Sqwincher helps prevent heat-related injuries in high heat-stress environments by replacing electrolytes in a liquid form. It is quickly absorbed into the body and also helps to rehydrate the body. Caffeine free, Sqwincher is available in two great tasting flavors, lemonade & fruit punch. Choose from the Fast Pack single-serving packet (add water), or in a sugar-free powder concentrate Qwik Stik packet to add to a water bottle. To order; Fast Packs, lemonade #6946, fruit punch #6945. or Qwik Stiks, fruit punch #6947, lemonade #6948.

Infections Control Kits

HART Infection Control Kits

These kits meet OSHA requirements for protection against exposure to bloodborne pathogens and are designed to accompany First Aid Stations for a broader preparedness base. To order; #7784 for Infection Control Kit with CPR shield in box, #7710 for Body Fluid Clean-UP Kit in bag, #7789 for both kits in one box, #7780 for Infection Control Kit with CPR shield in bag

HART Sooth-a-Sting

Sooth-a-Sting Wipes or Swabs

Use after an insect sting or bite, to get temporary itch and irritation relief with Sooth-a-Sting wipes. Convenient packets are easy-to-use and to take anywhere. To order; #5337, 100 wipes per box, #0441, 10 wipes per box, #5335, 100 swabs per bag, #0440, 10 swabs per box.

HART Sun Shield

HART Sun Shield Sunscreen

Help prevent sunburn with Sun Shield. Convenient, 1.5 ounce, pocket size, cream with UVA/UVB protection, that is PABA free, oil free, and non-greasy, Sun Shield is water and sweat resistant, with a Cedar fragrance that discourages insects, To order; #2531