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HARTFLEX Back Support
HARTFLEX™ professional back support provides lower back and abdominal support. It may reduce the potential for strains and injuries when used in conjunction with training and proper lifting habits. Contoured and comfortably shaped, these supports fit both men and women, and are adjustable to individual figures. Duo-tension side pulls and extra large panels of Velcro provide a wide range of adjustments for a greater combination of support and comfort. Adjustable elastic suspenders help maintain correct posture when lifting. All material edges of HARTFLEX™ Back Support is completely bound to prevent fraying, is washable, and very durable.

HARTFLEX Wrist Supports
The growing awareness of ergonomics and how it affects the workplace has prompted the development of the HARTFLEX™ Wrist Supports. These economical supports are great for reducing the pain and costly expenses related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrist related injuries. They are designed to promote healing and encourage proper wrist posture while providing firm support. The Velcro closures provide a full range of adjustments and ease of application.

HARTFLEX Neoprene Supports
Designed for an optimum fit, our Neoprene Supports provide uniform and consistent compression. These supports are constructed of a thermal neoprene that retains warmth and promotes healing by improving blood circulation. The fabric of the heavy duty outer facing is durable while the inner lining fabric is comfortable and gentle on the skin. Our high quality workmanship features stretch nylon-trimmed ends and lock stitch seams.

HARTFLEX Elastic Supports
Lightweight, breathable HARTFLEX™ Elastic Supports have excellent flexibility while promoting circulation. Made of a cotton, nylon, latex, and Spandex blend, these elastic supports target compression on soft tissues for improved circulation and joint support.

HARTFLEX Tennis Elbow Supports
HARTFLEX™ Tennis Elbow Support has a soft royal blue plush fabric on both sides that is gentle on bare skin. The hook closure allows you to position the Velcro anywhere on the brace for comfort, sizing, and ease of application.

HARTFLEX Wristlets
Made with heavy duty compression elastic, these 3" wide supports adjust to all sizes with secure Velcro closures.

Please note: Supports may reduce the potential for injury and aid in healing but are not guaranteed to do so. Supports do not enhance ones physical abilities. Use only under the care and direction of an occupational health professional.